Syllabus for Rajya Puraskar (Rover ) 
1. Get the knowledge of website of Election Commission and help at least two persons to enroll themselves in the electrol roll.
2. (A) Know First Aid, Mapping, Pioneering and Camp craft skills upto Tritiya Sopan 
    (B) Show further progress in Hobbies, Handicrafts and Vocational skills.
3. Study any book of Transaction Analysis and be able to state 3 Ego state and 3 types of transactions.
 4. Qualify for Ambulance man Badge of Scout Section with knowledge of CPR  (cardio pulmonary resuscitation ).
5. Prepare a paper or give talk on religious tolerance or participate in any religious function other than of his own and report to the Rover Scout Leader /Crew Council.
6. Render service in an institution /structure/place /building of public importance /public garden and look after its upkeep at least two hours in a week for at least three months.
7. Complete the following :
( a) Participate in a Campaign by a Crew to educate people in protecting public properties.
(b) Build a pioneering project at the campaign area-?with the help of Crew and local community.
8. Be able to present culture and heritage of any region of India through modern audio visual aids.
9. To inculcate the habit of small saving into the Rovers through a bank formed by them and also to make them learn banking operations or guide and promote at least one self help group of a locality of village /town / city. 
10. Have a knowledge in
(a) Camp craft : pitching,striking, and packing  a double fly tent.
: Layout of a camp with latrine and a camp kitchen.
: Cooking enough meal for two persons using backwoods man method.
(b) Pioneering : ( a ) Tie and show the use of double sheet bend, Scaffold hitch, Bowline on the bite : Various methods of hold fast and Anchorages 
: With the help of other Rovers, build a pioneering project using hold fast and Anchorages. 
(C) Mapping : know the Triangulation method and make a map of a small area.
: Follow a route of not less than 1 km and make a map of the route by Road Traverse method.
12. Work as 'FREE BEING ME PEER EDUCATOR' for forty eight hours, spread over a period of six months with at least two hours in a week, 
OR participate in a sustained community development project at least two hours in a week for six months on any two of the following subjects :
(a) promote gender equality and empower women.
(b) Reduce child mortality.
(c) Improve maternal health.
(d) Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.
(e) Ensure environmental sustainability.
13. Qualify for Proficiency Badges 
(a) Disaster preparedness Badge.
(b) Rambler 's badge or Ecologist Badge.
14. Undergo a minimum three nights adventure camp under canvas in an open air or make and stay in a tree top shelter for one night along with other Rovers.


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