Syllabus for Prevesh (Guide)

Syllabus for Prevesh (Guide)


1. Have brief information of the oigin of Guiding along with definition, purpose principles and method of the Bharat Scout and Guides.

2. A Guide Aspirant must have holistic knowledge of the movement.

3. Guide Promice and Law.

4. Guide Motto, Sign, Salute and Left hand shake.

5. Daily good turn at home and maintain a dairy at least for a month.

6. Know the parts of Guide uniform and how to wear it correctly.

7. Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, the Bharat Scout & Guides Flag and the World Guide Flag and Flag Etiquette.

8. Sign correctly National Anthem, BSG Prayer and BSG Flag Song. Know about the composer, duration and meaning of the song.

9. Attend at least four Company Meaning.

10. Undertake a 4 hour purposeful outing her Patrol.