Tests for Tritiya Sopan

1. Campcraft :


(i) Whipping-other method than by the one done in the Pratham Sopan.

(ii) Draw hitch, Fireman's chair knot, Manharness knot and splicings -eye,back,short.

(iii) Pitching,striking and packing a tent or improvise shelter enough for two persons to sleep in.

(iv) Make a Trestle and a rope ladder with the help of another Scout.


2. Swimming :

(i) Swim 50 metres.

(ii) Know the safety rules of the swimming and

(iii) Know how to prevent,minimise and deal with muscle cramps. Or Earn one of the following Proficiency Badges:






(vi)Games Leader


3. Estimation

(i) Estimate any given two heights/depths not more than 30 mtrs.

(ii) Two weights not more than 2kg.

(iii)Two different types of things in numbers. (items such as coins ,marbles,bicuits,etc

4. First Aid

(i) Treat for shock,fainting,chocking.

(ii) Deal with simple fracture of arm,collar bone and jaw fracture.

(iii) First Aid for cases of drowing and eletric shock.

(iv) Demonstrate mouth to mouth resuscitation.

5. Mapping

(i) Map Reading,knowledge of scale,conventional signs,contours and grid references. Be able to read a tourist map of Survey of India map and follow a given route or lead a person.

(ii) Map Making : Triangulation,Plane Table and Road Travese method

6. Pioneering:

(i) Demonstrate use of knife and axe and their safety rules.

(ii) Build two Patrol Pioneering Projects and demonstrate their uses.

7. Participate in an over night Troop camp.

8. Hike:

              Undertake with minimum two members of the Patrol,a cycle hike for 30kms. and submit report to the Scout Master within 10 days OR A Hike on foot with minimum two members of the Patrol, a cycle hike for 30kms.and submit report to the Scout Master within 10 days. OR A Hike on foot with minimum two members of the Patrol for 10kms,and submit a report to Scout Master within 10days.

9. Cooking:

(a) Cook in the open,meals enough for four persons using backwoodsman cooking.

(b) Have knowledge in using house hold tools like screw driver, Tester,cutting Plier,hammer and knife.

10. Plan and participate in a Patrol Expedtition.

11. Participate in a night game.

12. Signalling :

Send an recieve a message through Semaphore code or Morse code containing atleast 25 words in seven minutes.

13. Qualify for any two of thd following Proficiency Badges one from each group Group

Group A

(i) Civil Defence

(ii) Community Worker

(iii) Pioneer

(iv) World Conservation

Group B

(i) Citizen

(ii) Book Binder

(iii) Naturalist

(iv) Pathfinder

14. Complete any one of the following and prepare a log book.

(i) Talk on National Integration to your Group.

(ii) Talk in a Troop Campfire or tell the story of a Prophet.

(iii) Discuss in your Patrol-in-Council how Scouting develops National Intergration.

(iv) Lead your Patrol to a nearby place of historical/Social/religious or industrial importance and discuss about,what it speaks of.

15. Show the knowledge of Scouting in India.

16. Serve as Dwitiya Sopan Scout for atleast 9 months.

17. Know and understand the disease Tuberculosis -Its Symptoms,Treatment and precautionary measures to prevent the disease.Know about Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS)

18. Know and understand about Mobile/Internet Banking/ATMs and safety and security measures required while using those.

19. Using basic electronic devices,making a gadget useful at home,under the supervision of an adult.

Sea Scout In addition to Tritiya Sopan tests given above,a Sea Scout will

(1) Swim thirty metres:

(2) Learn to dive.

(3) Have knowledge of different types of boats,oars and sails and anchors.

(4) Learn signaling by Semaphore method

(5) Know any three constellations to find directions.

Air Scout In addition to Tritiya Sopan tests,an Air Scout know:-

(1) History of flying.

(2)Theory of flight.

(3) About flight Safety Procedures.

(4) In General knowledge about Civil Aviation National and International Airways/Airlines.

(i) Tritiya Sopan Badge consists of the emblem and the scroll as for Dwitiya Sopan Badge surrounded by a laurel.

(ii) Tritiya Sopan Badge shall be worn on the left arm in the place of the Dwitiya Sopan Badge.