Free Being Me is an Innovative Educational Programme for young Boys and Girls of 5 to 18 years age created by WAGGGS in partnership with Dove Self Esteem Programme Project. This programme is based on the latest research into how to increase young people,s body confidence & self esteem through fun and non formal activities.It shows young people that body confidence & self esteem comes from valuving their bodies standing up to social pressure & supporting others to became more body confiendents participants taking part in "Free Being Me" will learn leadership skills and empowered to make a difference in their local and global community.

(i) What is 'DOVE' ?

               Dove is a leading personal corbrand with long standing commitment to improving the body confidence and self esteem of women. It has been developed to make a real change in the way of girl as the next generation women and enbrace beauty raising their full potential in life.
(ii) WAGGGS (world association of girl guides and girl scouts)
               It is the largest voluntary women dedicated to girl and young womens.

(iii) Vision

             A world free from apperance related and anxiety for girls.

(iv) Mission

            To empower girls and boys to reach their full potential and note to be held by low body confidence.

(v) "Image Myth"

             This is socially defined 'ideal look' varies around the world globally girls and women as well as boys and men feel a strong pressure from media friends and family to try to achieve their society version of this look. In 'Free Being Me' we call society's ideal look the Ideal Myth.

(vi) How does 'Free Being Me ' work?

    (a) Free Being Me works to improve body confidence & self esteem

    (b) Trying to look the image myth is not worth while there are lots of negative consequences for individuals and their communities, including coast of the health,friendship,school life and society more broadly.

    (c) Focusing on what we live about our bodies and what they can do on our personality and change our own language and actions will improve our body confidence and the body confidfnce of those who around us.

    (d) Image myth It will take our group on a journey encouraging them to speak out against the image myth and in turn become more body confidence there are 4 steps.

(1) Identify the Image myth The image myth themselves reflecting their society and understanding of the issue so they can see it relievence to       their own lives.

(2) Understanding the coast of trying to like the image myth Understanding the image myth is impossible to achieve and of coast attached              empowers participants to break free and challemge it's influence in their life.

(3) Learn to speak out against and challenge the image myth

(4) Inspire others to challenge the image myth

(vii) From "Free Being Me"

* You know what's Beautiful? (Read the first word again)

* Have you thanked your body today for what it does?

* Treat your body like you would a friend

* Smile you are beautiful

* True beauty starts with you

* Beauty is something we feel

* Confidence is beauty

* What makes you different,makes you beautiful

* Your greatest value is your individuality

* Wishing to be like someone else is a waste of the person you are

* Be yourself, everybody else is already taken

* It's not who you are that holds you back,it's who you think you're not.


       The aim of Free Being Me is to be spread the body confidence message as far as we can and challenge the image myth.


       I will help create a world free of the image myth, where everyone is confidence in their bodies and feels free to them selves.

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