General Rules of Health

20 Golden Rules for Golden Health.


Believe in yourself and your power to heal yourself. No-one knows you better, or has your best interests at heart than you. Physicians and Alternative Health practitioners can only assist the body’s immune system heal itself.


It’s the only one you’ll have, and there’s no way to trade it in for a new model. And someone else’s expensive body parts don’t fit very well!


The long term effects are devastating to your whole system. If you do nothing else, for your sake and your loved ones, do this now.


Look at how you live your life. If you continually abuse your body with poor eating, no exercise, excess alcohol, and drugs (prescription or otherwise), expect your body to retaliate. It’s only trying to warn you.


Pain and discomfort are signals the body sends to warn you of a problem. They are not illnesses in themselves. To cure the pain, you must cure the cause.  

Painkillers only make things worse; they mask the warnings and allow you to continue harming yourself, particularly if you take them for arthritis.


Prescription drugs do not cure disease: they either mask the symptoms or suppress them. 

They might make you feel a little better, but are really delaying the problem which has the capacity to escalate in your body and become life threatening. 

If you are taking Prescription drugs, make it your goal to ease your way off them over a period of time, and repair the damage they have surely done.  

This should be done with the supervision of your physician.


Try to stay away from hospitals and the Super-bugs they have been produced using modern Drugs concocted by Pharmaceutical Companies. 

They know little about preventative Nutrition and do not have the time nor the incentives to keep abreast of “new” protocols using Nutritional Supplements as a valid treatment for disease. 

If you catch something there, use d-Lenolate Olive Leaf extract.


You are how you live. Eating, and other habits determine your long term health. 

Many habits are “inherited” as part of growing up, like fast food, and are often difficult to change. 

But do not believe that these habits and their health consequences are genetically predetermined for you. You after all, are the master of your own life.


What ever you put in your mouth must either be used to build your body, or must be eliminated from it through the stomach, the bladder, the lungs and the skin. 

The body has a miraculous capacity to do this with natural foods rich in enzymes. It has very limited ability to deal with modern food contaminants (preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fats, poultry and animal growth hormones etc.). 

What it can’t eliminate, it stores in the body, mainly in the adipose fat and in organs, lymph nodes, glands and joints. These deposits can degenerate into inflammation and even tumors. Clean them out regularly.


Keep you bowls regular to assist this process of elimination. Constipation is a long term killer. 

Do this through good eating and exercise, not harsh drugs. The cleaner your system, the less likely it will become a breeding ground for infection, parasites and viruses.  

Use MSM daily as a cleanser and anti-parasitic formula.


Drink plenty of pure water pure water (at least 8 glasses a day) to keep the kidneys flushed. Do not drink tap water if possible. 

It is contaminated with two of the most toxic carcinogens (Chlorine and fluoride) known. And even this “purification” does not ensure that it will be free from parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium.


Stop drinking Sodas, particularly Colas and those laced with artificial sweeteners.


Cut down on your consumption of animal proteins. You don’t need them in your diet, and they are highly contaminated by the time they reach your table. 

Substitute as much Soy based foods as you can. This is not a major sacrifice – there are wonderful non-meat dishes out there waiting to be enjoyed.


Increase your consumption of fresh food, particularly uncooked fruit and  veggies. But remember, this food is grown in soils seriously depleted by poor farming practices; they no longer have their traditional nutrients and enzymes in them.

If you can find genuine organically grown food, buy it if its fresh. If you can’t obtain quality produce, supplement it with a green drink.


Back up fresh food with an intelligent program of supplements.  Be careful what and where you buy. 

The Supplement industry was laid wide open in 1994 by the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act. It is unregulated, no one checks for purity and content and anyone can market any product they please. 

If  the product is made from a synthetic base, it can do you harm. Buy from reputable sources only. Use a Heavy Metal Cleanse at least once a year to purge these dangerous substances from your body.


Slim people live longer than overweight people. They also live healthier and enjoy life more.  

You don’t need to diet drastically – change what you eat, and how much you eat, and stick to it. Learn the difference between food and non-food. 

Non-food provides calories, fats and preservatives. Food is what we need to live on, and is absorbed better if you supplement you enzymes.


Increase your exercise regime – step up to vitamin X (exercise)! You need to be active at least three times a week, and you need to increase your level of exertion. 

The more you puff and blow, the more good you are doing your system. The sweat glands and the lungs help flush toxins from your body.


Reduce your time in the sun. Cover up and use Sunscreen, but do not believe it will protect you from cancer. It won’t. Even with sunscreen, your skin sustains long term damage. 

Cover up whenever you can, and strengthen the skin with MSM Lotion  before you go out. And always wear good quality shades. Your eyes are damaged by U/V rays as quickly and permanently as your skin.


Try to get a restful night’s sleep every night. If you have difficulty sleeping, take Melatonin. Not only is it natural and non-addictive, it has strong anti-oxidant properties, particularly protecting you from cancers.


Reduce your level of stress. A range of chemical imbalances in your system can elevate the level of stress you experience. If you’re over 35, SAMe, DHEA and MSM can assist to restore this balance and reduce the physical damage done by stress hormones. Do not allow chemicals like Prozac to rule your life. These are safe and effective alternatives.