Whistle Signals

Whistle Signals

When a Scoutmaster wants to call the Troop together he whistles “The Scout Call”, or uses a special Troop call.

Patrol Leaders thereupon call together their Patrols by giving their Patrol call. Then they take their Patrol “at the double” to the Scoutmaster.

Here are some whistle signals for Scout wide games.

    One long blast means “Silence”, “Alert”; “Look out for my next signal”.
    A succession of long, slow blasts means “Go out”, “Get farther away”, or “Advance”, “Extend,” “Scatter”.
    A succession of short, sharp blasts means “Rally”, “Close in”,”Come together”, “Fall in”.
    A succession of short and long blasts alternately means “Alarm”,”Look out”, “Be ready”, “Man your alarm posts”.
    Three short blasts followed by one long one from the Scoutmaster calls up the Patrol Leaders-i.e., “Leaders come here”.

Any signal must be instantly obeyed at the double as fast as you can run-no matter what other job you may be doing at the time.