History of the movement

    In1907 Robert Stiffen Sons Smith Baden Powell was started the scout organisation.He was born in 1857,februry22 in London.His native place padington,the street of standhop.He was the 6th son of Herbert George Baden Powell and Hendrita Grace Smith.Also he was the Grand son of Joseph Boyer Smith.His father was a professor in onford university.When he was 3years old his father was expired.Agnas was the only one sister.His mother gave him a pet name "steffy".B.P.started his education from helsington,then continued in Rose hill and graduated from chatter house in 1876,at the age of 19.

    He completed his education and joined the british ARMY reqiment of 13th hazzards,in the rank of subreffanant.He become captain at the age of 26.He wrote his first book pigstalking.Boating,fishing,horse riding,pig hunting,etc…are his own favourite hobbies.Mafeking is a small town in Transval of southafrica.In 1887,the Bover tribes imposed aganist British .To oppose there emergence a war named Bover war,lead by Baden Powell.This war counrined to 217 days.As a result the britisians will not get the daily life pdls and food.Edward sezzil,the frnd of Baden Powell gave rise to a child organisation named,MCC(Mafeking Cadet Crops).Good year is the leader of this organisation.

    He trained the cadets for assist soldiers such as messengers and security.At that time,they create a mailing system.The picture of a cadet who travelling in a cycle was introduced in the stamp.Courageous and confidence of the cadet made him a new way of training and make a better citizen for the country.After 217 days B.P.got success.The perambe gave left hand shake and he gave wooden necklace for his success.The Emperor George 4 give lord positions for his ability and sincearly In 1901 B.P.wrote a book for military scouts named AID for Scouting This book was accepted as a text book in Britision schools In1907 B.P.conducted a camp to find the respond and activity from the boys.21days participitated from various life style in the camp.The camp was conducted from 1909 July31-August 08.