Upa Rashtrapati Award

  • Purpose: To motivate Rovers and Rangers to take up community service and community development projects.
  • Period: from 1st July of the year to 30th April of succeeding year
  • Eligibility: Rover ranger unit registered with state association   from 1 district will participate. At least 2 districts from a State are required for competition.
  • Registration: the unit will be registered at NHQ through the state before 30th april of the year.
  • Registration fee: Rs.10/- per unit.
  • Log Book: NHQs will issue a Log Book through the state association for every unit registered for this competition.
  •  Judging: Judging will done at district, State and National Level.
  • Awards: each unit gaining 70% and above marks will be awarded vice president merit Certificate and units gaining  more than 50% marks in all categories but less than 70% will be awarded participant certificates by the National commissioner.
  • Project Area: not less than 1 Basti or Hamlet and note more than 3 Basti/Hamlet in urban  area note less than 1000 houses/hutments
  • Subject for competition: There are 3 categories of subjects viz 1. Self development 2. Service within the movement and 3.Service outside the movement. Every unit will participate in self development and Service within the movement for Service outside the movement Subject are divided in 6 groups of their choice
  • Submission of Logbooks: The unit will submit the log book after completion of the competition to the districts will forward the log book to the state by 15th June.


Please note for details refere to the guidelines issue by the National Headquarters.

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