The National Flag of India


          The INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG, it is a horizontal tri colour of deep saffron (kesaria) at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal propotions. The ratio of width of the flag to its length is 2 to 3. In the centre of the white band is a navy blue wheel which represents The ASHOKA CHAKRA with 24 spokes. The CHAKRA should preferably be  screen printed on both sides of the flag or otherwise printed stencil or suitably embroidered on both sides in all cases. It was adopted in its presnt form during a meeting of the constituent assemble held on 22nd July 1947.It was designed by PINGALI VENKAYYA. The flag by law, is to be made of KHADI. The manufacturing process and specification for the flag are laid out by the bureau of Indian  standards. The right to manufacture the flag is held by the Khadi development and village industries commision. The usage of the flag is governed by the flag code of India and other laws.

Code Of Conduct

        Being  a National symbol, it is respected by every Indian. There are certain do's and dont's laid down for common people regarding the Indian Flag

  • When the National flag is raised the suffron colour band should be at the top
  • No Flag or emblem should be placed either above the National flag  or to its right
  • All the other flags to be placed to the left of the National Flag if they are hung in a line
  • When the National flag is carried out in a procession or parade, it shall be on the marching right, or in front of the center of the line, if there is a line of other flags
  • Normally the national flag should be flown  over the important  govt: buildings like the Rastrapati Bhawan, The Parliament house,  the Supreme Court of India, the High  courts, the Secretariats, the Commisioner's office etc
  • The National flag or any imitations of it must not be used for purpose of trade, business or proffesion
  • The National flag should always be taken down in the evening at sun set


Saffron/Bhagwa        :- reunciation of disintrestedness, courage and selflessness
White                      :-honesty, peace and purity
Green                      :-symbolism of prospirity vibrance and life, faith
Ashoka Chakra        :-wheel  of the law of darma, truth
                                    Again the Wheel motion, The dynamism of pieceful change
                                    24 spokes represents the 24 hours of the day