Simple Quiz Questions?

1. Who is the founder of Scouting / Guiding?

Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell.

2. Where was Baden-Powell born? When?

In Gilwell, on Feb 22, 1857.

3. What the full name B.P?

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell.

4. Who was B.P’s mother?

Daughter of the British Admiral W. T. Sonyth.

5. Who was Joseph Brewer Smith?

B. P’s great grandfather.

6. When did B. P’s father die?

When Robert was about three years old.

7. Where did B. P study?

Charterhouse School in London.

8. What was B. P’s hobby in his childhood?

Hiking, camping, sailing and tracing the source of the river Thames.

9. When did B.P. become a captain?

B.P. became a captain in British army at 26.

10. What was the nickname given to B. P. by the Africans?


11. What does IMPESSA mean?

“Wolf that never sleeps”.

12. When did B.P. become a Colonel?

In 1899, before he left for Mafeking.

13. Where is Mafeking situated?

In South Africa.

14. Who was the Sergeant Major of the Mafeking during the time of Seize?


15. By what means were the letters distributed at Mafeking during Seize?


16. What was the area of Mafeking during the time of seize?

About 5 miles.

17. When and where did B.P. die?

B.P. died on Jan 8, 1941, in Kenya, Africa.

18. Who is the author of the book, “Aids to Scouting”?

Baden Powell.

19. What is called as B. P’s second life?


20. Who was the chief of the world’s Girl Guides?

Lady Baden Powell.

21. Who wrote the story of Baden Powell?

William Hillcourt.

22. Who was Mr. William Hillcourt?

Director of Boys Scout of America.

23. What inspired B.P. to start Scouting / Guiding?

The war of Mafeking.

24. When was the war of Mafeking?

In 1899.

25. How long was the war of Mafeking?

For 217 days.

26. When and where was the first Scout camp held?

In 1907, at Brownsea Island, Dorset, England.

27. Which was B. P’s first book on Scouting?

“Scouting for Boys”

28. When did Scouting come to India?

In 1909.

29. When and where was the first scouting for Indian boys started?

In 1915 in Bengal.

30. When was B.P. declared Chief Scout of the World?

In 1920 at the end of the first World Jamboree.

31. When was the Bharat Scouts and Guides started?

Nov 7, 1950.

32. Where was the first Jamboree held?


33. What is first Aid?

First aid is immediate help given after injury.

34. What are the four ports of observation?

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling and tasting.

35. What is the goal of scout/Guide movement?

To form good and honest citizens.

36. What type of Scouting did BP want to promote?

Peace Scouting.

37. What does a scout/Guide try to be good at?

Scout / Guide craft.

38. What is the use of the Reef Knot?

For bandage, parcels, and packing.

39. With what hitch does the diagonal lashing begin?

Timber Hitch.

40. With what hitch does the square lashing begin?

Clove hitch.

41. What are the different types of lashing?

Parallel lashing, sheer lashing, Diagonal lashing, Square lashing, Tripod lashing etc.

42. What is the Scout / Guide handshake?

Left hand shake.

43. What is the joyous part of a Scout’s Guide’s life?


44. What does the camping bring to a Scout?

Health and Happiness.

45. What is the knowledge of animals and nature called?


46. How can you learn about different kinds of animals?

By following their tracks.

47. Where does the whole sport of hunting animals lie?

In the woodcraft.

48. How does a Scout / guide get to like the animals?

By watching the animals in the open. Big

49. What is the chief duty of a Scout/Guide?

Help those in distress in any possible way one can.

50. In the old days who were the real Scouts?

The Knights.