Guide / Ranger Uniform


Salwar, kameez and Dupatta :

Deep sky blue salwar, Light blue kameez of plain non-transparent material. The length of the kameez shall be up to knees. The kameez shall have two patch pockets, two side pockets and half sleeves 8 cm above the elbow turned up and stiched down cuffs 4 cm wide open sports collar with epauletters on both shoulders. The salwar and kameez shall not be tight-fitted. The dupatta shall be deep sky-blue in color made in plain non-transparent material.


Brown leather belt with the official buckle of the Bharat Scout & Guides supplied by the national headquarters.


A Scarf of the group color and pattern other than green, purple and yellow as approved by the local or district association shall be worn round the neck and over the collar and epauletters with the group woggle. The shape of the scarf shall be triangular with a base and two sides, each of the two sides shall have a minimum length of 70 cm and maximum of 80 cm.


White color.

Foot Wear:

Black leather closed shoes.

Hair Ribbon:

Black plain ribbon or black plain hair band (without any design).

Membership Badge:

A cloth badge with green background, with Fleur-de-lis in yellow super imposed by the trefoil with ashoka chakra also in yellow in the center shall be worn in the middle of the left sleeve.

Shoulder Badge:

A shoulder badge of 6cm to 8 cm length and 1.5 cm width with white background and serial number and name of the group or district (Educational District) in red letter shall be worn on both shoulders just below the seam.

Patrol Emblem:

Every guide shall wear patrol emblem. It shall be embroidered on black background with green border, 4 cm in diameter. It shall be worn above the left pocket on the sash.


When worn it shall be black without any design. Sleeveless according to the season allowed.


Deep sky blue sash with 12 cm width should be worn on left shoulder across the chest so, that the lower end of the sash will come up to just below the hip level on the right with proficiency badges earned in accordance to the girls program in ascending order.

Ranger Uniform