General Knowledge Questions

1) What is the colour of the Shoulder Badge?

Ans: White

2) Where has to be the Membership Badge worn?

Ans: Left Pocket

3) From which country BP got motto?

Ans: South Africa

4) When we dip the Flag?

Ans: During March past, Investiture Ceremony

5) What is the importance of 1907?

Ans: Scout movement started world wide

6) How many chapters in 'Scouting for Boys?

Ans: Nine

7) How many campfire yarns in 'Scouting for Boys?

Ans: Twenty Six

8) What is the name of the funny character in  Scouting for boys?

Ans: Tommy

9) Who kicked the letters 'I&M' out of the word IMPOSSIBLE?

Ans: Rowan

10) What is the highest award for a Scout in the State?

Ans: Rajyapuraskar

11) How many lashings makes a trestle?

Ans: Nine

12) Which uniform part can be improvised for a triangular bandage?

Ans: Scarf

13) What is a constellation?

Ans: A group of stars

14) In which country mafeking is situated

Ans: South Africa

15)What is the another name for Great Bear Constellation?

Ans: Ursa Major

16) What are the types of North?

Ans: True north, Grid north, Magnetic north

17) Who wrote 'Scout Overseas'?

Ans: Lord Baden Powell

18)  What is J.O.T.I?

Ans: Jamboree On The Internet

19) Where was the 37th World Scout Conference held?

Ans: Tunisia

20) The first National Jamboree held at?

Ans: Hyderabad

21) What is the minimum age of a Scout to apply for the Rashtrapati Scout Award?

Ans: 14 years

22) Who was the first lady director of BS&G?

Ans:Bina Chakraborthy

23) Who signes in Rajyapuraskar Award

Ans: State Governor

24) How many parts are there in Scout Law?

Ans: 9 parts

25) Who is the chairman of the C.O.H

Ans: Troop Leader