Determine the Direction Using Stars, Constilation, Great Bear, Orion

Determine the Direction Using Stars

Some of the stars seen in our sky are helpful in determining the north direction in the night. Important and common among these were.

Great Bear

       It was commonly seen in northern polar region. It includes a group of seven stars. It looks like a cup or plough in shape. We can identify the pole star by considering an imaginary line drawn from the first star to second star. The star situated at a distance of five times of the distance between these two stars. The direction of the pole star indicates true north.


       This community of stars can be seen at the middle of the polar region. They were also known as ‘HUNTER’. It looks like a soldier who has a belt and sword. It includes thirteen stars. Consider an imaginary line drawn from the star in the middle to the head and sword. The direction of this line indicates poles. It helps to identify the north. The Southern Cross seen in the southern polar region and the Cassipia appear in the shape ‘w’. These both are also help to determine the north direction.