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Daya kar dann Bhakti ka
Hamain Paramatma Dena
Daya Karna Hamari Atma main
Shudhata Dena
Hamare Dyan main Auvo
Prabhu Ankho main Bas Jao
Andhere Dil main aakar Ke
Param Jyoti Jaga Dena
Bahado Prem Ki Ganga
Dilo main Prem Ka Sagar
Hamain Aapas main miljul Kar
Prabhu Rahana Sikha Dena
Hamara Karma Ho Seva
Hamara Dharma Ho Seva
Sada Eeman Ho Seva
Va Sevak Char Bana Dena
Vatan Kay Vaste Jeena
Vatan Kay Vaste Marna
Vatan Par Jaan Fida Karna
Prabhu Ham Ko Sikha Dena
Daya kar dann Bhakti ka
Hamain Paramatam Dena
Daya Karna Hamari Atma main
Shudhata Dena.

Author : Veerdev Veer
Duration : 85-90 second

English Meaning :

Oh God, give us knowledgeGrant us abundant spiritGive us purity of soulEnter  our consciousnessDwell in our visionDeliver our hearts  from darkness to lightMake knowledge flow towards us like the GangesMake love flow out from our hearts like a riverShow us how to live in harmonyTeach us the joy of noble deedsShow us how to be honestGive us the strength to be hardworkingShow us how to love our country and die for herShow  us how to sacrificeLead us to knowledgeShow us the way to purify of our souls



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