Triangular Bandages

Triangular Bandages

A first aid kit the most imprtant particle is triangular bandage. This is a large and triangular pieces of material. The triangular bandage two sides about 1 meter long and third about 1.4 meters.

Triangular bandage can be used as:

1. Collar & Cuff Sling

2. St John Sling

3. Broad bandage

4. Narrow Bandage

5. Pad

Collar & Cuff Sling

It is usefull for a casualy with a fracture of the upper arm or an injured hand. Allow the elbow to hang naturally at the side and plase the hand extended towardsthe shoulder on the injured side. Then you form a clove hitch by forming two loops. One towards you. One away from you. put the loops together by sliding your hands under the loops and closing with a clapping motion, then apply a clove hitch directly on the wrist, but take care clove hitch not to move the injured arm. Slide the clove hitch over the hand and gently pull it fimly to securew the wrist. Extend the points of the bandage to either side of the neck and tie fimly with a reef knot allow the arm to hang comfertably.

St John Sling

It is useful for a casualty with an injured shoulder, collor band,hand or fingures. It is the best sling in a injured parts because it supports the whole arm and takes the weight of the arm off the injured parts. In the case of hand or fingures injuries, it can be used toelevate the injured part.

Broad bandage

Broad bandage is a triangular bandage, because which is folded and used to tie on solints and dressings. First the bandage is fold it in half , point to base, then fold it in hals again.

Narrow Bandage

Narrow bandage is one or more broad bandage is fold and is mainly used for the collar & cuff sling. First the bandage is fold it in half, point to base and again fold and make a broad bandage. Then fold it in half again. You now have a narrow bandage,


if you donot have a sterile pad in your First Aid Kit, you can use a triangular bandage. Then fold the two ends into the middle. Now fold both ends into the middle again. Fold what is left in half to make a pad. The triangular bandage is folded like this, the pad easy to store it in a first aid kit. It is used to controlbleeding.