Scout / Guide Patrol Animal

Scout troops are made up of groups of six to eight Scouts called a patrol. Every patrol chooses an animal to be its emblem. A patrol animal is not just a handy way of identifying a patrol. The Scouts should take pride in their animal and strive to imitate its positive characteristics.

Baden-Powell (nd:40) wrote that patrols should choose local animals. Below are nineteen suggested patrol animals, their crest (available from Canadian Scout Shops), and what the animals represent. These animals are all native to Canada. After the Scouts decide on a patrol emblem, they may wish to make a patrol flag.

Bat Patrol crest Bat Patrol
Adaptability & knowing the unseen
Bear Patrol crest Bear Patrol
Strength & intuition
Beaver Patrol crest Beaver Patrol
Engineering & resourcefulness
Buffalo Patrol crest Bison Patrol
Intelligence & teamwork
Blue Jay Patrol crest Blue Jay Patrol
Confidence & efficiency
Cougar Patrol crest Cougar Patrol
Leadership & teaching
Coyote Patrol crest Coyote Patrol
Cleverness & bursts of energy
Deer Patrol crest Deer Patrol
Co-operation & independence
Eagle Patrol crest Eagle Patrol
Alertness & ingeniousness
Falcon Patrol crest Falcon Patrol
Observant & good timing
Fox Patrol crest Fox Patrol
Diplomacy & cunning
Hawk Patrol crest Hawk Patrol
Messenger & being aware of the big picture
Lynx Patrol crest Lynx Patrol
Co-operation & climber
Moose Patrol crest Moose Patrol
Courageous & observant
Owl Patrol crest Owl Patrol
Wisdom & clairvoyance
Polar Bear Patrol crest Polar Bear Patrol
Adaptability & survival
Raccoon Patrol crest Raccoon Patrol
Curiosity & dexterity
Wolf Patrol crest Wolf Patrol
Perseverance & teaching
Wolverine Patrol crest Wolverine Patrol
Endurance & strength