Following Courses in Guide wing are conducting the National Training Centre during March to May 2023.

  1. HWB Course for Ranger Leaders: Cr. No. 12HWB (R) 01.05.2023 to 07.05.2023-
  2. HWB Course for Guide captains : Cr. No. 13 HWB (G) 10.05.2023 to 16.05.2023
  3. Advanced Course for Guide Captains : Cir. No. 10 Advanced course for Guide Captain NTC, Pachmarhi 2023 – Copy
  4. Advanced Course for Ranger Leaders : Cir. No. 09 Advanced Ranger leader Course NTC,
  5. HWB Course for Flock Leaders : Cr. No. 11 HWB (B) 01.05.2023 to 07.05.2023-

Interested Guiders may send their application to the STC(G) as early as possible for transmitting to NTC/NHQ