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Shear Lashing Mark 1 (Round or Parallel Lashing)

Shear Lashing Mark 1 (Round or parallel Lashing)

Parallel or Round lashing used for joining two spare to increase the overall length,

Example: when making a flag pole. It is important to have a good overlap of spares-between a quarter and a third of its length. Start with a clove hitch or timber hitch round one of the spares near the end of the overlap. Wrap the rope neatly and tightly round both spares for 8-10 turns. Finish with a clove hitch round the second spare. Add a second lashing at the other end of the overlap so that no movement is possible. To tighten for the, add small wedges between the spares next to the lashings. Round lashing used to lash two poles together. Tie a clove hitch round the bottom pole. Wind the rope around both six or seven times. Finish with two half hitches round both poles. The lashing can be tightened by driving a small wooden peg between the poles. If possible force a wedge under the lashing to make them really tight. if the spares are vertical,bang the wedge in downwards.



Step by step:

Video :  Round Lasing

Video :  Shear Lasing


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